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Wedding Centerpieces and centerpiece ideas

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Glass Cylinders and Luminary Pillar Candles
#1 - Glass Cylinders
& Luminary Pillar Candles
click to enlarge view

Glass Cylinder with live flower under water
#2 Live Flower & Floating Disc

Glass Cylinder with fresh cranberries
#3 Cranberries & Floating Disc

Glass Cylinders with suspended candle inserts
#4 Ornaments & Candy
with suspended insert

Wedding Centerpieces and Centerpiece Ideas

Create beautiful wedding centerpieces for you wedding reception, table lighting and table decorations using these classy-looking candle arrangments.

TOP: These elegant Pillar Luminary Candles or hurricane candles, reflect a sophisticated simplicity, come in round or square designs and feature a hollow wax cask - no wick - allowing you to use a variety of light sources, such as liquid paraffin wax fuel cells, votive candles (in glass cups), mini pillar candles, tea light candles, double size tea light candles, or LED tea light candles.

Glass Cylinders are perfect for floating candles and we offer the standard 3.5" diameter in round or square designs with 3 graduated sizes, a larger 4" diameter Glass Cylinder for more versatility and in 4 graduated sizes, AND 5" diameter Glass Cylinders in 16" & 22" heights to showcase stems & branches - spectacular!

Glass Cylinders allow you to be very creative and insert items that will add texture and magnified color to match your theme. Place "goodies" in bottom, fill with water, then top with a floating candle to create beautiful and striking centerpieces for your event.

glass gems, decorative crushed glass, river rocks, stones, pebbles, glass balls, glass bubbles, decorative colored sand, fresh-cut flowers (photo# 2 & 8) Submerging flowers underwater enhances their color and natural beauty...seashells, marbles, fresh orange, lemon or lime slices, fresh cranberries (photo# 3), fern or bay leaves, bamboo stalks, Eucalyptus or other tree branches, Fall leaves, foil garland, metallic Christmas ornaments, candy (photo# 4), black eyed peas! (photo# 5)...Be creative and use your imagination!

We also offer suspended candle holder inserts for the glass cylinders that works well with floating candles, votive candles or tea light candles for more versatility.

Glass Cylinders can also be used to holder pillar candles for a clean look and also to protect the flame from breezes at ourdoor events. Use 3" Pillar Candles in our 3.5" diameter cylinders (photo# 6) - or use a 2" diameter Pillar Candles and surround it with Water Beads (photo# 7)

Place your candle arrangements on centerpiece mirrors to reflect more light and add a touch of elegance. You can also add votive candles in glass votive cups or tea light candles to add more reflective light and interest to your centerpiece.

Talk with your wedding planner or florist about using candles in your table decorations throughout the wedding reception for atmosphere, lighting, and style!

Glass Cylinders with Fresh Cut Flowers in black eyed peas
#5 Fresh Cut Flowers
in Black Eyed Peas

Pillar Candles in Glass Cylinders
#6 - 3" Pillar Candles in
3.5" diameter glass cylinders

Pillar Candles surrounded in water beads in Glass Cylinders
#7 - 2" Pillar Candles
surround in water beads

Glass Cylinders with fresh cut tulips and river rocks
#8 - Fresh Cut Tulips
and river rocks

Live Tulips with bulbs and roots underwater in glass cylinders
#9 - Live Tulips with bulbs
and roots under water

Glass Cylinder with Lavender stems on outside release aroma when warmed by candle
#10 Lavender stems release
aroma when warmed by candle

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Round Disc Floating Candles in Glass Cylinders with Citrus and Strawberries Floating Round Disc Candles Centerpiece Floating Round Disc Candles Floating Round Disc Candles


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Home | Candles | Wedding Centerpieces & Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces and centerpiece ideas

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